Hello & Welcome to Town Gardens & City Pets

We are real pet shops selling Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Gerbils, Small and Large Birds, Reptiles and both Coldwater and Tropical Fish!

Sometimes we do get special one off pets that are very hard to get hold of, for example, in 2015 we had our first ever prairie dog (Alan) who was a massive hit and was rehomed to one our regular customers. Alan spends most of his time traveling around in his owners backpack! 

In 2019 we had an African pygmy hedgehog in the store, despite their spikes this lovely lady was very cuddly and would snuggle in your arms, not afraid to get comfortable! 

in 2020, we had a beautiful Indian blue ringneck parakeet (just like the who has his own account on tiktok, Hamlet) this bird also liked to talk. 

These are the just a few examples of the characters we get in our store from time to time.  

Our stores are very traditional in a sense but we keep with the times and ensure the care for the pets and fish is not so traditional, like the goldfish in a bowl perception, we encourage the new way of doing things, the way which is best for the pet’s needs. 

The store with its original name ‘Town Gardens & City Pets‘ has been trading for over 30 years in the same location on the iconic Anlaby Road in Hull. This shop is a family run and anyone who joins the team becomes an unofficial member of the family. 

Most recently in 2021, we have gained our second store, known as ‘City Pets’. Located in Hessle Road, one of Hull’s popular retail areas. This store is our Pets only store, which does not stock any garden items. This is why its called City Pets. As we write this, we have yet to open the doors for this store, however we are so happy and excited to extend our services a little further on.