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Here is how you sell to us

There are two methods and both include writing us a message, either through our Facebook page or in an email. 

You can use the links provided on this page to send us the information. We need to know: 

  1. The item for sale (name, model, etc..)
  2. How much you are selling for (the cost of the item)
  3. At least 2 pictures – the more the better

Please note: We don’t make offers randomly, ensure you provide a selling price within your message. If no price is included then we may not consider purchasing your item. 

Before sending offers of animals for sale, please be aware that we do already have a list of breeders whom we currently work with. To upkeep the standards and the welfare of animals for sale, we will require very detailed information about the animals for sale. If you are not prepared to provide the information within further correspondence please do not consider us for purchasing. 

Once you have sent your message…

Please be aware that more than one person will look at your message / email and a decision is not made straight away. You may be asked some questions about your item, If the message shows as ‘read’ and no reply has not been received, don’t worry, the person who purchases may not have seen it yet, every purchase is approved. 

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Do you have a pet that you can no longer care for? Town Gardens and City Pets may be able to help you. We work to actively re-home animals that owners can no longer care for. Maybe children have lost interest or you are moving to accommodation that does not allow pets, whatever your situation, get in touch to see if we can help. Ensure that you lets us know that they are rescue animals when making contact.